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Using cloud execution with browserstack

Hi , I am new to this forum and have recently started using testproject which is an excellent tool ! I. am looking forward to taking my testing to the next level by using cloud execution on REAL devices using browserstack . But I realise that the same test which takes around 1m24s in my local agent takes about 15m47s to execute in browserstack , contacting their team they say the test does not take much time when in their system its the incoming and outgoing connection that is taking time . I would like to know if anyone is facing such problems and how you are incorporating cloud execution of your android app tests ? Thanks in advance !

Hello syed.hussaini,

There are a few possible reasons why your tests run slower on the device farms (Broswerstack / Saucelabs). I will elaborate them here so you can check for your case and troubleshoot your issue.
In any case you are not successful with any of the methods I have showed you, feel free to contact us in our support chat or email.

1.a) One possibility is that you are executing each test individually which means the agent has to deploy your APK every time you execute a test, this process is time consuming.

1.b) You can fix this easily by using a job with a lot of tests in it, which will result in the APK deployment only occurring once per the entire job therefor you will have lower times in the rest of the tests.

2.a) Another possibility is that you are using your agent locally on your machine and that your network connection isn’t as fast this will result in higher testing time since your agent is responsible for the executions.

2.b) You can fix this easily by using our Virtual Agent , once you had set it up your network connection is no longer a factor, also you can trigger your jobs without using your system resources and or limitations.

3.a) The last possibility for the big difference you had experienced could be a result of you comparing the your device which had your APK deployed already against test on a new device.

3.b) Because our agent does everything to make the user experience feel great, we look for your APK on a new device , meaning that if we cannot find it TestProject will automatically install the APK for you,
The big difference might have been the uploading and deployment to browserstack.

I have also included a reference schema that you can use to better understand the infrastructure.

Best regards.


Thankyou for the detailed explanation but I am using virtual agent and remote device and the test is simply taking longer in the video recording received from browserstack it shows the test hanging at certain points for no reason. I would also like to mention that your saucelab integration does not include real device integration I would like to test that product too if possible. I understand it takes time to deploy app to a device but the difference is too big. If there is another method to execute tests on a regular basis to check mobile apps please let me know.

What’s up,

When using emulators and simulators which run slower than physical devices,
It is possible that our self healing is invoked. To avoid this try to give your test more time to execute the steps, it could result in faster overall run time.

Make sure to change your test settings like this:

If that still doesn’t work for you please contact us at our support chat with a reference link to this post, and please provide us the following:

  1. The recording you mentioned
  2. Your test result as PDF
  3. The virtual agent ID that ran your test.

You can find the ID here: