Using Chrome Profile with Desired capabilities

So I have gone through this article -

and I found two problems

  1. Chrome latest version doesn’t have older options like Allow, Ask, Don’t allow for permissions in site settings - they have 2 option - Sites can ask for permission or sites can’t ask for permissions. Which means when I run my test which needs location/camera/mic permission the site will ask and I have no means to allow it through automation
  2. The library folder is actually created for admin users only as I am working for an organisation my user doesn’t have this library folder created - so I can’t copy the user data folder. This problem is still secondary because the main problem is #1.

So now the question is how do I run a web test that uses web cam and microphone and provide a fake media stream (like through a file).

To be more specific -
My test requires me to capture a live image and video through web cam
Now for automation pipeline running on cloud - I can’t use my device camera. So I want my automation to fake camera test and upload an image or video file I provide to move on from this step.

I’m facing permission issue with the clipboard. Would you mind helping us? @ran.tzur :innocent:

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