Using a single test for multiple domains with varied elements

I have a test that basically does the following:

  1. Go through each row of my data source to visit multiple domains
  2. On each domain, check header, body and footer for presence of text “tire”
  3. For each domain visited, update columns in Google Sheet with results formatted like:

Domain | Found Text | Timestamp | HTTP Response |

I’m consistently encountering 2 problems though:

  1. On each domain, we do not know what the actual value is for “footer” or “header”
    Eg. On 1 domain, the developer have set the ID to “#newFooter” which is not present on other domains.

  2. Many of the domains are redirects to a different destination site, hence the addition of the HTTP response pre-check.

The HTTP response works for direct domains, and some redirects, but I’m still getting “response returned = ‘0’” and I’m not sure why.

Question: Is this type of test supported with TestProject, or do I ultimately need to create many many copies of this test so I can directly set the destination URL + DIV values for every site?

If I’m over-complicating the test and there’s a more direct way to accomplish this, I’m VERY open to suggested improvements.

Here is a share copy of my current test:

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