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User interactive main menu to select an option

Hi All,

I am trying to create a main menu for my scripts so that I can call different scripts based on selection by user.
Please let me know if there is any addons in TestProject that Prompt user to select an option.

Here is a scenario:
1- Add Student Record
2- Add Marks per semester
3- Update existing Student Record
Please enter option (1-3)

If user selects #1 then execute Student Record script, if #2 then other script and so on…



Hi @pratima.sharma.

Can you please elaborate on your intention?
What do you mean to “Prompt user to select an option”? Do you mean during the execution?

@Ricardo.Caster Thanks for your prompt reply.
Yes, I am trying to create a master script that will provide options to the user during execution. Based on selection it can trigger scripts for execution.



Currently, we do not support interactions during the execution.
However, you can create a test that allows you to define before the execution, like a user, which option do you want to select. We can achieve that using parameters or even a data-driven test, depending on your scenario.

You can follow the steps described in this article:

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