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Useing Browser of Recorder display Runtime Error

The picture is my error message.
When I use the web recorder of the TestProject to record my website which is login page is clicked the login button. It would be display “Server Errpr in ‘/’ Application” , but I use another browser, such like FireFox, Chrome, IE, Safari , they don’t display this error and they are working normal.

I also call my PM, he said he doesn’t do anything to harmony with my Testing Record.

I already tried to reset the agent, reopen the browser and reboot my pc, it is not resolved.

And this problem appears since yesterday.

How can I resolve this problem?

My environment:
OS:Win10 Pro
Agents Version: 0.64.0
Browser:Chrome 85.0.4183.83

Thanks a lot.

Hello @ryan.chen.

I can see this is happening on the legacy recorder.

Can you please try to use the current recorder, and let me know if you still encounter the issue?