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Use test already created in new job but edit with editing original

Okay I will try and make this as clear as possible. I believe this has been asked before but couldn’t seem to find the answer exactly.

So I have a bunch of tests already built and working placed into a job. However there is about to be a new environment release and I need to take essentially that “job” or tests copy them into a new job for the new environment but will need to slight edit each job to use a new URL and possibly login info etc.

How can I add these tests EDIT without affecting existing tests/job. Again I don’t mind editing each test slightly as long as it doesn’t break original tests.

Hope that makes sense.

Here is a screenshot

Okay I think I may have figured this out with some playing around. not sure if it is most efficient but, if I duplicate a test (it makes a copy) it looks like I can edit/change the test and it does not change the original.

Looks like I need to do this one by one. :wink:

If there is a more efficient quicker way I am all ears. Thanks in advance. LOVE LOVE LOVE the product so far. Can’t wait till I get really advanced with it.


Hey @marcel.bauer, thanks for reahcing out.

In case there are really small changes you can reset your parameters using applications and elements tabs in your project:

if there going to be changes that might change test behavior you can perform “version control” by just duplicate your test and change the necessary values in your test, so nothing will be affected in your original test.

Thank you very much, this is perfect. :smiley: