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Use parameter in 'Repeat' field

Hi Team,
Shouldn’t we have the feature to assign parameter to ‘REPEAT’ option

That’s interesting, I wonder what your use case is?

I get the count of elements and store it to a parameter. In the next step i do ‘click’ or anyother action on those elements by just repeating the step ‘count’ times.

Team, has anyone looking on this ?

Hi @lokesh.theramaraja,
Thank you for sharing more about your use case!
Currently, it’s not possible to add parameters into the Repeat field. However, I will forward this request to our R&D team to consider adding it. Another option would be to develop an Addon that operates on a list of elements to help with that. The team will look into this and keep you posted in this thread.

In addition, following on from this month’s bootcamp sessions, including the latest one we had this week on how to develop addons (see here from min 2:22:02) - We strongly encourage the community to develop addons as such to enhance the addons library even further with your most requested automation actions, and share them with the community :slight_smile:

We have opened a feature request on this, ticket - 16525,
You will be notified here if we have proceeded with the feature request and it’s available in an update.
Meanwhile I’ve moved this request from general to Feature and Improvement Request section.
Thanks for the suggestion.

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