Use "and/or" logical operator in conditions

I´m trying to introduce a condition in a step.
In this condition I want to compare if “element_A” is equal to “element_B” + “element_C”.
I´m doing a test with element_A = 48, element_B = 45 and element_C = 3 but the step is not executed.
I´ve tried several possibilites like
element_B + element_C
element_B & element_C
element_B and element_C
but anyone seems to works fine.
Please, can anyone help me.
Thanks in advance

I have already solved the problem. I have created a previous step to the comparison with the action “Evaluate mathematical expression” where I add the 2 variables and save it in a new one (element_B + element C is saved in element_SUM). Then, the comparison in the edition is element_A equals element_SUM.

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