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Uploading and triggering a smoke test for a mobile app

Hi! We’re currently working on integrating TP into our Azure DevOps Environment.
Our Goal is to:

Build the apk :white_check_mark:
Then Upload the App to a TP Project :white_check_mark:
Trigger a SmokeTest Job, associated with that Application. :no_entry:

Currently we’re:

  1. Creating an Upload link using this request: https://api.testproject.io/v2/projects/{projectID}/applications/{appID}/file/upload-link
  2. After the Upload is complete we confirm the App with this request:
    https://api.testproject.io/v2/projects/{projectID}/applications/{appID}/file (body: body = {‘fileName’:filename})
    3.Afterwards we try to run the smokejob:

The job seems to get triggered successfully on my Local Agent and excutes the test no problem - unfortunately it fails for Browserstack. we get the following error (see screenshot):

QUESTION: Do we need to Update /enter an activity for Browserstack? When Uploading/updating an Apk through the WebApp, it’s not necessary and also works with Browserstack.

Thanks in Advance for your help

Hi @mathias.strziga , we are currently investigating this issue with our R&D team.

I did contacted one of your teammates by our support chat and reported that we already closer to solution of this problem.
We will update your team on Sunday/Monday when our team will have a solution for you.

Thank you for patience.

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Do you have an Update regarding the issue?

Best Regards


Hi @mathias.strziga
We contacted BrowserStack support and escalated the issue to them, since it’s completely related them.
At the moment we are waiting for them to resolve it.
This might take some time, we will keep you updated