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Upload via non input Element [SOLVED]

i’m creating test step and have encountered a problem. I want to upload an image with fancy upload (see attachment) and the problem is that upload has no input element at all (just ). Would it be possible to upload an image despite the missing input element?
Thank you

Hi @egembay , did you get a response from TestProject? Maybe it’s faster to contact them directly via intercom. I would be interested to know your answer though :slight_smile:

Hello @Philip.Wong :slight_smile: ,
Unfortunately, I have not yet received an answer. :frowning: Do you know exactly I can contact them directly? If there is a solution, I will answer as here.

Hi Aiza, I messaged you on how to contact them.

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In most cases when an input / file element is not present in the page it’s because there is an event that should either create the element or expose it in the page, then you should be able to find it. it can be a button or a specific event that needs to be triggered, if this is the case I highly suggest contact the developer which can tell you how to expose this element.

  1. to click on the button and search again
  2. look for a different even that can trigger this
  3. search for a link
  4. if none of the above worked please contact your application devs and ask them to expose an element which be used for the automation / ask them which event the application is expecting in order to expose the element for uploading files.

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