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Upload file by recording on Web

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to recording on Web have upload file and follow How to Upload Files while Automating Web Tests (No Code Needed) | TestProject . This image I’ve done but I run it doesn’t work

Can you help me with this issue?
Thank you!

Hello @thuy2011ptit
Can you tell me what message did you get when it doesn’t work?
Try to use Upload File using XPath action.
Please check if you have an update for this addon on the Addons tab.

Please let me know.

Hi @kfir.yosef ,
Thank for your guidance. I installed as your suggestion but testproject still hasn’t selected the file from my computer.

I plan to use “Upload File using Xpath” but have error message as a below imagine, although I pass valid value

Please let me how to do,

@thuy2011ptit Can you please send me a message on the chat?
We can make a Zoom session to find a solution for that.

Ok, thank for your help!