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Upload a file from an external source?

Goal: I want to be able to create a file upload test and for my team to use it. The file uploader addon requires the file to be locally stored. This means I have to set up each of my colleagues machines with the same files in the same paths. My preference is for the files to be stored and accessed from a central place.

Question: What is the best way to achieve this with the web recorder? As it stands, it looks like Dropbox Actions - TestProject Documentation is one way I can try for now. I’m wondering if there are other services that people have done this with. For example, OneDrive or GitHub etc.

Cloud storages (like Dropbox or GDrive) are perhaps the best way to go if you are ok with storing these files online.

Usually, when it’s a secured environment it’s a shared folder on the network, mapped to a local drive/path, or even a source-controlled repository that is pulled and deploys the files into the appropriate location before the CI starts the tests.

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