Updating Apps for created tests

I have one job which contains around 20 tests for android device, So everytime I want to run the tests on new build, i have to update the app by going to all the tests manually. is there any way to do it at once, or some remote api so i can update app for tests fast.

Hi @uday.kumar
I highly appreciate your feedback and thanks a lot for your suggestion and time, we always work to improve and make TestProject better. :slight_smile:
I have added you to our request we have open on this subject TP-15570, and I will be sure to update you here once it’s resolved.

I have changed the topic from General Questions to Feature and Improvement Requests .

Hi @Amit.Lacher : Is there any way to add the APP at the job level? This is also a requirement for us and its mainly required as we test the same build in different test envs.

Regards, Sisir

Hi @prustysisirkant,
Thanks for the feedback, I have added you to the improvement request ticket number TP-15570,
We are working on it and I will let you know once it’s resolved.

Hi @Amit.Lacher,
I like to know whether this ticket got resolved? We need to update the existing test with new build
Thanks in advance

Hi @manohjkumaar.rm,
This was not implemented, and this feature is currently not on the roadmap.

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