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Update Application Endpoint appears to update but doesn't

When I hit this endpoint (update Application - Put) https://api.testproject.io/v2/projects/<projectId>/applications/<applicationId> and provide a single parameter url: "my.new.website.com" in the data object everything appears to work fine. “my.new.website.com” now appears under that application in the “Applications” tab and in the tests when I go to record a test. However, when I run a job the only application url it remembers is the one I updated through the UI and not through the API. This seems to be a bug with this specific API endpoint.

EDIT: Upon further inspection the bug appears to be related to the “Navigate to URL” action. The auto-generated parameter “ApplicationURL” does not get updated unless you update the application through the UI. The update doesn’t propagate if done through the API.

EDIT 2: I found a workaround by providing the url as a testParameter on the job/run endpoint:
testParameters: [{ "testId": testThatNavigatesToUrl.id, data: [{ "ApplicationURL": "my.new.website.com" }]}]

Hello @rmlarsen83.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we will take care of it.