Unsuccessful with Google Actions

Hello, perhaps someone with experience using the ‘Google Actions’ addon can help me?

I followed the instructions as per the documentation Google Actions - TestProject Documentation. I created a service account, generated a key, added the relevant role, and then copied the JSON contents of my key, to a parameter named ‘{json_secrets}’.

I then have a step in my test that does the following:

Action: Update Value in Column and Row (Google Sheets)
Column: 2
Row: 5
Value: testvalue
SheetId: 1iPpJgBxFu6F6bK-0mumw42Ev_YZRM-IamNogx9tUJfml (I have modified this slightly as it is a public forum post)
JsonSecret: {json_secrets}

When I run the test, it always fails at this step. I cannot successfully read or edit the sheet in any way shape or form. I have verified the ‘SheetId’ multiple times, and those with the link can edit. My ‘{json_secrets}’ has also been configured correctly.

I am at a total loss as to why I cannot interact with my spreadsheet. I have tried various actions from trying to read a cell, to updating a value, and nothing seems to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!