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Universal "Find All References"

This would be an infinitely useful feature. As our test repository in TestProject grows, we have the growing need for a Find All References feature, for the same reasons as they’re used in coded frameworks.

I’ve already encountered some maintenance friction as our project grows, that would be relieved by the ability to search for all references of:

  • a particular action step or addon
  • nested test steps
  • elements

Regarding implementation, I don’t think this needs to be fancy or integrated into the test editor. Something like the following would be sufficient:

  1. From wherever makes the most sense in the app, engage a “Find All References” feature
  2. Select Type [Action, Test, Element]
  3. From search/list, select the specific thing you want to find references to
  4. Get list of all references in popout window or downloadable file? List should include full organizational structure for all matches (i.e. folder structure for Tests)

Hello @tim.rendall,

That seems like a cool feature, I will present it to the developers as an improvement,
and will keep you posted if and when it will be released.