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Unit testing cmd tools mstest vs tcm vs vstest.console

I’m building an external tool to run some Unit Tests written in .net with the MSTest framework.

How do I know which of microsoft’s tool to choose for running tests from cmd? I’ve been using mstest.exe but I hear there are also tcm.exe and vstest.console.exe.

Which one should be used for which purpose ?

Each tool is optimized for a specific kind of test automation.

  • mstest.exe is the legacy tool in which anything Visual Studio recognizes as a test will run. You would use this tool with load and performance tests created in Visual Studio and it can be used to send test results to TFS.

  • tcm.exe - for TFS/MTM test cases associated with automation, tcm.exe runs the test cases, instead of directly running the tests and automatically updates the test case status.

  • vstest.console.exe run Microsoft unit tests and Microsoft CodedUI tests.