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Unintentional logout

Unintentional logout occurs frequently in my login state.

How can I fix it?
Is there anything I can check?


Hello @arche0840 and thanks for reaching out.

Can you please try logging into TestProject from incognito mode of your browser (with no extensions enabled) and see if you’re still being frequently logged out?

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I’ll try the way you advised me.

I am facing the same issue, and its not even working from incognito mode.

Hello @siwangishah.

Are there by chance extensions enabled in your incognito mode?
If not, can you try from another browser and by using another network, such as a mobile hotspot?

If the disconnections continue, please send us a har file from the moments you are disconnected either to our support email address:

Or our support chat that can be found through this icon:

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