Uninstall of App under test

as per documentation: v0.61 - TestProject Documentation
I should be able to Install / Uninstall app under test. But when I try to search such command (Install / Uninstall) I get nothing.
How to solve this? Am I missing something?

is this on android or ios.
As for android is definately there ( are you running the test from phone app and not a web based test.)
For ios it wont be there, but you can instead do following:
Build test that is a different app, whether is the app you use to install the app, or a browser,
use the siri command step and ask siri to take you to you home screen.
Next scroll to element (left or Right), with the element being your app’s name
Next long press on the app
Next select delete
Confirm delete.

For install, Open testflight / app source, click app name / candidate , click build wanted, down etc

It’s iOS.
I’ll try that, thanks!

So from some reason long press do not work for iOS/Simulator at all… it either does nothing or test failes but nothing is done. Is long press working for you?
I can do long press in simulator, but when simulator is as a source in TP then it does not work for me :open_mouth: Any hint?

working for iOS for sure, have you tried increasing the length of the press?
i find 2000-3000 ms to do the trick.
Other commands that also find in past for element that arent playing ball with the command are:
drag and drop by offset - for this set the offset to 0 and then can specify how long it presses for
handle pan gestures - same again set the xy as 0,0 ( or 50% of pixels) then can specifiy how long its pressed for

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