Unable to upload provisioning profile from the iOS Settings

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I added some of the new device id’s to my existing profile
and when i am trying to upload a new profile from iOS Settings menu it says invalid provisioning profile but the strange thing here is it seems checked those devices when it list all the devices.

Moreover why we got the “Unknown” device in list when we trying to upload a provisioning profile?

Please find attached screenshots.

Thanks in advance

Hi @arpit.patel ,

Your certificate must include all the devices at the time of the upload to TestProject platform.
It’s not possible to add a device to a signed certificate.

Try to delete the profile you have and rerun the tutorial.
The provisioning profile should be a Wildcard.*
Also, the certificate and profile type should be only for iOS App Development and not any other.
Please check that you made it correctly according to this guide:
[Setup iOS Test Automation on Windows using TestProject - TestProject]

Please make sure you select ‘iOS APP Development’, it is a different type than ‘iOS Development’ and the only one accepted.

Also, you can follow this video:

If you have further questions, please feel free :slight_smile: