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Unable to upload file to Sauce lab

I am trying to run Job on Sauce lab with a virtual agent and I am seeing the error ‘unable to upload application file to sauce lab storage’. I am using a trial version and my configuration was success as I can see all emulators. I checked, my application is already uploaded on Test project . The same works fine locally, What could be wrong?

The other question I have, I am seeing all emulators in the list but no real device. Sauce lab has different sections for real devices. are there any other settings to enable real devices?

Hi @it.dishantrawat
Regarding your first question, please make sure you uploaded the APK/IPA of the application and attached it to the test.
Edit the test, then go to add application.

Regarding you 2nd question, you need to have an subscription plan that supports tests on real devices, the free plan of SauceLbs supports emulators only.

Hi @ran.tzur , I tried both ways: By uploading the app at test level and by selecting the app which was uploaded under ‘Applications’, neither of these worked.

Is it possible for you to send us the .APK file to check it out? And can you tell us what size is the .APK file?

sorry for the late response, If you get time today , can we have a call to confirm the steps I am following are correct ?

@it.dishantrawat Sure, you can always ping me in the chat.

Best Regards, Ran.

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As discussed in chat,
This issue was caused by your second test not using an uploaded APK file.
When running a test on SL without an uploaded APK a blocker pop up will show preventing it, but on jobs, the yellow toast message you see will be shown.