Unable to Upload an image using add on

Hi Guys,

Have read other queries and followed the steps to resolve but never works for the system I am testing.

The upload opens the MS page that locates your file.

When you talk about “INPUT ELEMNT” is that the element where the pic is uploaded to? To invoke that I need to select the 'Attach photo" element which then goes gets my pic locally and comes back and pastes it into a new element which is created AFTER the upload.

I have the “upload file” add on but no matter how I try this with different combinations the elements are never found by TP. I think we have a serious issue with element naming convention with xpaths having to pick up spans etc as there are very few unique ID’s attached which I feel is confusing the selenium.

Hi @Jambo1972 ,

For a better understanding of your issue I would like to know a couple details:

  1. What do you mean the elements never found, when you click on the locator it doesn’t find it?

  2. Do you know which image/document formats the website supports? if the photo is in JPG format and the site doesn’t support it, it might be the case.

  3. Please check if you attach an image manually.

I’d be happy to help :slight_smile:

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  1. It finds it on initial run. Then when you rerun the test the AI says it is unable to locate element. I see this a lot and even manually adding locators doesnt help.

  2. Yes website supports jpg files and works manually or when you manually step through the test when initially recording it.

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