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Unable to take screenshot of element Android device

I want to take a screenshot of element (image src) from Android mobile device. Element has been inspected and I have provided the local path to save the image. Still it throws exception.

Hello @rvignesh,
Is the screenshot of that element has not been saved in the path you provided? Is it a valid path?
What element are you trying to screenshot? Can you please share this element attribute so I could check it?

I am trying to take screenshot of a image in android device. I am signed in my application and there is a image under “Help” option. That image I have double shifted to take screenshot. Below is the elements locator. The image is not saved in the path and throwing exception.

I am using mac machine and yes its a valid path.

Finally I understood that my app is having security restrictions to take screenshot. Likewise many applications like Netflix cannot be taken screenshot.

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