Unable to switch between 2 different websites in same session

Hello All,
I need to automate E2E test , I have to keep switching between one website and one iframe. I am sending request from website and trying to check result in iFrame. Currently its not working and test is stopping in between . Please suggest how I can achieve this switching?


Hi @rupali.kanhere ,

Can you please elaborate on your intention? sharing screenshots will be helpful.

Also, if I understood correctly you can switch the tab with some index input for example:



Hi @alex.ivanov Thanks for your reply, Please see attached screen:

My intension for this test to send/input data from one tab (website 1) and check output on different tab (window 2)

I have tried to use step 0 and step 1 values for 2 different websites. and Used ACTION tag ‘’ Switch to window’’ but my test is crashing when its executing this steps:

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