Unable to start a web test recording

I’m trying to record a new web test

In the Create test details dialog, I’ve filled in the Name, Description and Tag fields

In the Select web application dialog, I’ve selected my web application

In the Get started dialog, I’ve selected Record and save to Cloud

When I click Start recording, the page shows:

Opening recorder in a new window, the editor will be closed.

Then after around 30 seconds, I get an error toast:

Could not start a new session. Response code 500. Message: unknown error: Chrome failed to start: was killed.

I’ve tried restarting my MacBook, restarting the Agent, unregistering/reregistering the Agent, uninstalling/reinstalling the Agent, searching the forums for answers, but nothing seems to work!

Agent is version 3.5.0
Chrome is version 107.0.5304.87 (Official Build) (arm64)