Unable to Register the Agent

I facing 1 issue which is unable to register the agent for my local machine. I did the removed previous record and register again with local machine and system keep loading without endless. I try to refresh the page and see that agent listing display unknown. I think something wrong on the testproject system side. Kindly help on this.

I think there is some issue with Test Project recorder and agent. Since last 3 hours, i am facing an issue. My agent is not moving to Ready state and Recorder is not opening the browser instance to record state.

When run the CLI command from mac and observed terminal returned some warn.

2022-09-18 22:20:40.989 [WARN ] i.t.a.f.c.a.a Failed to authenticate identity, might have been deleted from the server, deleting identity files…
2022-09-18 22:20:40.997 [WARN ] i.t.a.s.IdentityManager Deleting agent identity file: id.dat
2022-09-18 22:20:41.461 [INFO ] i.t.a.f.c.a.p Waiting for incoming registration request…
2022-09-18 22:20:53.591 [INFO ] i.t.a.s.IdentityManager No identity file was found - Agent is not registered

(GMT+8) 19 Sep 12.00 AM TestProject agent back to service.