Unable to register Agent

Has anyone else been having issues registering a new Agent?

  • Issue started when my scheduled jobs didn’t run
  • TP was not recognizing my already running/registered agent
  • I deleted the agent from TP and my Mac
  • Downloaded and tried to register the agent again.
  • Every time it fails to register.

It would get stuck on this screen:


Have a similar issue the entire day. I get past that screen, but my OS and browsers are not recognized and Status of the agents toggle between Ready and Disconnected every couple of mins.

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Have a similar issue the entire day.

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Since this morning, it is same issue.

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this is same as yesterday, all morning yesterday was down then it started working in the afternoon, but now seems to be not working again.


@eldar please look into this issue, where after each TP maintenance we will have to register our agents.
Even we register, the agents are not being detected by the TP server & shows “?” on the agents tab screen


I have been having the same issue

Even I have the same
@eldar is there update or when it is going resolve

Yes - same issue here. And last night. It’d show that my agent was running, but I was not able to record a test, or run a regression test.

Yes, I am experiencing the same thing. Even if an existing agent is installed and running, i am not able to execute tests. I get this AgentConnectException

Same issue here. Started yesterday for me.

same for me, started since yesterday

Same issue here since this morning. No matter what I try, uninstalling agent, unregistering multiple times, creating new agents, I get the same unknown issue as above.

agent down :frowning: all day

The Agent installed in a cluster has been disconnected continuously for about a month. I delete the agent, recreate it, launch 1 Job and log out after execution. Is it possible to have support? Has anyone found a solution?