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Unable to record the content inside frame


I am new to Test Project.

I am trying to record the application which contains frame. On recording the content inside the frame are getting blurred/ hidden.

Able to perform actions on the blurred screens but the actions performed are not recorded in the recorder.

I have inserted the action point to switch to the respective frame contained in the screen. And the content also not displayed in the Element explorer.

FYR, kindly find the screenshot of the recording page attached for your reference.

Kindly provide the solution for the above issue and I have got stopped at my first point in recording.

Thanks in advance and please let me know for any queries.

Hi @srinip1142, thanks for posting in the forum.
I would need you to clarify a few things:

  1. are the elements visible by using the browsers developer tool? (i.e. F12 in chrome)
  2. are you able to identify the elements by hovering over them, double clicking the shift button and going to attributes?

3.do you know if some of the elements/frames are of iFrame type?
thank you.

Thanks for your reply @tomer.kalmovich

Details are provided below for your clarifications,

  1. By using the developer options in chrome(F12), all the elements in the page are displayed.
  2. By double clicking the shift button, required element is not getting freezed ( ie element inside the iframe is not getting highlighted)
  3. The frame which I mention was Iframe.

And for your information, only one element is displayed in the element explorer as Generic web element.

If the above details are not sufficient, kindly share the queries.

Thanks in advance.


Any update on the above issue.

Kindly support me to find the solution for the above case. As i have got stucked in my first point of recording.