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Unable to read all rows in CSV file used on a previous test case

I am trying to do the following but currently not having any luck!

I have 1 test case that uses a data source to create 7 individual records and at the end of each test i extract the reference number to a CSV File.

I then have a 2nd test case with the first action reading the above file using the reference number to run through a number of edit actions, again driven from a data source.

What i am not able to get right is it only reads the 1st row everytime it loops round the 2nd test case data source therefore always updating record 1 rather than records 1 through 7?

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Hi @jason.clapton ,
when you are iterating on the file in the second test, did you make sure to +1 to the parameter you used in the row field for update file action?