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Unable to invite existing user to a project

We have a project created in TestProject. We want to share this Project with registered user thru Invite Member option, but we are a validation error “This email is already in use!”. Ideally, we should be able to share a project with existing user so that he can also contribute to the project. Please let us know the resolution for the same. Thanks!!

Hi @manojmastiff,

TestProject allows you to share your account’s data (e.g. tests, jobs, applications, reports, etc.) with your team members. To do that, you will all have to be under the same account. Once a user has created his own personal account, his email address is “taken” and you cannot add him.

You can check out this article to overcome this issue: https://intercom.help/testprojectio/en/articles/3572408-can-t-add-a-team-member-to-my-account-because-the-email-is-already-in-use

We are also planning to add an option for sharing projects with other accounts. This is in our road map for 2020.

Let me know if you’ll need my help with that :slight_smile:

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