Unable to install TestProject recorder plugin properly

After installing the test recorder extension, when I try to use the recorder mode, I get below error on using the recorder mode:

  1. Error loading extension. It says failed to load extension from … screenshot attached

  2. On clicking ok, error comes - “Chrome failed to start because Devtoolsactiveport file does not exist”

  3. On clicking ok on above error, new chrome window opens and it says to install the extension. Screenshot attached

  4. On clicking install, extension is installed and recording mode starts.

Main problem is above steps need be performed every time recording mode is turned on

Hi @bhumika.chhabra,
Google have patched the Chrome driver due to a regression, can you please try again and let me know if you still experiencing the issue?


Yes I am still facing this issue.
I have been facing this issue from the beginning, since I have installed Agent.

Can you please look into it?