Unable to install io.appium.uiautomator2 server through xiaomi


i am getting this message 'Agent couldn’t install UIAutomator server on xiaomi-redmi_note_9_pro_max
though i have done all the relevant settings like enabled the ( 'install via usb, usb debugging(securitry options) but everytime i am failing in the configuration.Please help me out.

Hi @fatema ,

Welcome to our community.
Regarding the issue please make sure all the settings on the device are exactly like this:

Enable “Developer options”.
This could be done by entering “Settings” → “About Phone” → repeatedly tapping the “Build number”.
You should get a message that says your enabled developer options.

Inside “Developer options”, enable:

  • “Stay Awake”,
  • “USB debugging”,
  • “Disable Permissions Monitoring” option if it’s available.
  • Under “Select USB configuration” select “MTP” or “File transfer”.
  • Scroll down and turn the animation off for: “Window animation scale”, “Transition animation scale”, “Animator duration scale”.

When you plug the USB cable to your Android device, you will be asked 2 things:

  • Allow access to device data → select “YES”
  • Allow USB debugging → select “OK”

Some devices require additional settings, take a look here:

Let me know if that helped.