Unable to generate code any test

Hello, I’m trying to generate code (C#) for all my tests in the the project I’m working on.
Note: for a few tests it does work, I cant find any difference between those that it works with and those not.
This is the error I receive when I do it:



Seeing the same here since today. I can intermittently create Java-code and get around the problem that way but would be great if I could generate C# straight away :slight_smile:

Yeah, it would be great if TestPoroject support would give a feedback on this as well, so we can see how to move forward

Yes same here with java code:

Unable to generate code

An error has occurred while generating Java code for /. (Request Id: udiGifAO)


Thanks for letting us know about this issue. We are currently investigating it.
We will update you once we’ll figure this out.


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Hi everyone,

We’ve fixed this issue. You can now generate tests to Java code.
Please let me know if this is working for you too.


Hello, What about C#?

Can’t generate Java.

Hi @rolanab,

Looking at the server’s logs, your issue is different.
I sent you a message.

Can it be related to the fact that some of the tests are nested?

Any news on that?

I’m having the same issue.

Any updates upon the issue?

An error has occurred while generating Java code for /. (Request Id: 98hAxlFQ)
Any update?


currently generating java code is not working. If you can expedite fixing it that would be appreciated. I’m using TestProject for an interview exercise and it’s crucial I can get access to the code I generated since the potential employer will want to code review it with me for 2 hours.

As of this moment, generating code for Java, C#, and Python appears to be working again. Thank you for addressing this. Any idea why it goes down from time to time?

Cannot generate any code.

It’s not working again @amit.yahav I’m getting errors when trying to download Java.

Hi everyone,

We are still investigating the code generation issue. There are cases where it does work and others where it doesn’t. We are trying to figure this out.

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Hello Amit,
Any updates?

Can not generate code if has a test as a step.