Unable to generate any reports: error message

Help! This has been ongoing for months!
This is for both Summary and Detail reports.
It seems like more and more features are dropping out of the product. I get similar errors trying to generate code.
Other than this forum, don’t you have a support area where these issues and their resolution can be tracked?
I am seriously considering switching automation platforms.

Hi @Greg.Annen,

Can you please send me the HAR file from your network tab when you try to download a report?
Regarding the support, this forum is the place to ask questions and get help.

Hello Amit,

After I received your email, I was attempting to maintain an automation script in Record mode. Suddenly, I was unable to execute any steps in the recorder, nor could I run a complete script: while objects could be located and recognized, every step action was failing. I decided to restart TestProject, but when I tried to logout, I received a NGINX 503 error message. I rebooted the VM I was using for test runs, and came back to it a later to try again and create the requested HAR file.

Magically, the tests are running again and reports are now being generated. Were you doing maintenance or rebooting a server during this period of time (~ last two hours)?

I attached the HAR file just created, but since everything seems to be working now, it probably isn’t relevant.


Greg Annen

Analyst, QA III


212 N Chicago St

Joliet, IL 60432

(Attachment app.testproject.io.har is missing)

Note that the HAR file attached to my email response was rejected by your system, and I don’t see a way to attach it to this reply. Since it was created after the issue disappeared, it is probably not relevant to this topic.

Hi @Greg.Annen, thanks for the update.

Looks like some services in the back end were restarted. This is why you got the 503 response.
The issue was probably resolved after the restart.

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