Unable to find elements for iOS React Native Mobile App

While trying to record the steps for iOS React Native app, the recorder is not recognizing (missing) many elements or recognize the elements at the previous screen on the current screen => it’s wrong. I went through each element in the Explorer Tab and still missing many elements.
I tried with the solution for Flutter app but still no luck.
How to solve this? Please help.

Hi @huong.nguyen,

You can use the Tap element at relative point action.

You can hover the wrapper element of the element you want to tap on, double shift to capture it, and select the “Tap at relative point” action, by providing the Horizontal tap percentage and the Vertical tap percentage (notice: it starts from the top-left corner of the element) you will be able to tap on a specific point on the wrapper element.

Here you can read more about it and find an example:

your good information and interesting question but i am not idea.