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Unable to establish sauce connect for Real Device Cloud

I’m using a trail account on Saucelabs. And I want to run an automation test on Real Device Cloud. When trying to establish sauce connect tunnel using this command:
“bin/sc -u ‘my username’ -k ‘my testobject_api_key’ -i android_rdc -B all”
I’m having below errors:

Log file: /var/folders/ss/wz4hmccs3vj07hybwf7n_5b40000gn/T/sc-android_rdc.log
13 Apr 12:33:11 - Pid file: /tmp/sc_client-android_rdc.pid
13 Apr 12:33:11 - Timezone: PDT GMT offset: -7h
13 Apr 12:33:11 - Using no proxy for connecting to Sauce Labs REST API.
13 Apr 12:33:12 - Started scproxy on port 58249.
13 Apr 12:33:12 - Please wait for ‘you may start your tests’ to start your tests
13 Apr 12:33:13 - failed to check for existing tunnels
13 Apr 12:33:13 - Sauce Connect could not establish a connection.
13 Apr 12:33:13 - Please check your firewall and proxy settings.
13 Apr 12:33:13 - You can also use the sc --doctor to launch Sauce Connect in diagnostic mode.
13 Apr 12:33:13 - Goodbye.

$ bin/sc --doctor
13 Apr 12:34:00 - Sauce Connect 4.5.4, build 4699 f256a9f
13 Apr 12:34:00 - Error, no user specified.

(And I was able to establish sauce connect on VM)
Does anyone know how to resolve this? (Is it happening because I’m using a trail account?)