Unable to delete a job

I am trying to delete a job from my project and whenever I do I am faced with the following error

This applies to all jobs in my project

I’m getting this error too. I’ve also had issues with Jobs where they would run when they’re not scheduled to. I ended up copying the Jobs in order to try and solve this, but I now can’t delete the old Jobs.

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I am facing the same issues too with jobs

  • Unable to delete a job
  • jobs are running even after schedule is removed
  • scheduled jobs are triggering twice

can i find a solution to this

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I’m in the same situation and support hasn’t answered me over a week…
Has anyone new news?


No response from support either, is there some other way to raise issues with TestProject rather than this forum or chat to support?

I have the same issue with no news from the support :frowning:

I’ve tried twice now to use this form and not got a response :frowning:

Same think support dont want to hear about this issue as they havent acknowledged it at all

Hello All,

We are aware of the issue and are working to fix this. No ETA at this time. Thank you for your patience.

thanks Eldar. Are you also aware of the issue with not being able to load the Monitor and Reports pages? It’s been down for hours. Thanks.

You should be able to delete jobs with no issues now.

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