Unable to click select option in IE11


I’m currently trying to randomly select a dropdown option based on a random range number ( 1 min to option total count > 1 if not it will default to 1)

I use the addon Web List Operations to randomly select a dropdown option in all other browsers.
But when I run the test on IE11 it errors out sa

My work around currently is to send keys like TAB and DOWN.

I’m able to click the drop down but not the options of the drop down.
My idea was to repeat the DOWN key step but repeat doesn’t allow PARAMS.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Lost Tester

Make sure your window settings are on 100% not just internet explorer 11 zoom.

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Hi @mmatiasn,
Thanks for sharing the solution and also thanks for updating your post.
While the repeat value does not accepts a paramter it is possible in test project to achieve a dynamic loop using the repeat field + conditions.
Find more here:

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