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Type text fails to enter date and time


I have recorded the StartDateand time, Keys “2020-10-10T15:03:05”.
When re run the same step, i get a error. so i have changed to 10-10-2020T15:03:05.
There is space between date and time when we enter. [Refer the image]
I need a output like 10-09-2020[Space]T09:51:25

But i get the output as 10-09-20200951:25:05, here 09 is added next to year !
Action is Type text.

Need help here

Like we talked to in the chat, the following action will insert the space in the index of your choosing, in this case it was index 10.
The StringToInsert is a space character.

It didn’t worked,

how can we use “Tab” or “right side arrow key” in test project? by using that i can shift from date to time during entering.

Hello @karthi344,
Can you please attach a screenshot how you configured the step? And what output do you see?

And you can send tab with send keys action
like this

And you can also replace it with ARROW_RIGHT

You can see the full list of keys here