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Type text fails in password element


Is it me or it seems that the type text action on Password elements has changed lately? I am running version x.x.14 of the win agent.

  • I noticed that when running, script hides the actual typing of the user password in the Password element ( it behaves differently in the user email element for example).

  • I also noticed that it takes considerably longer to complete this task then before… that is if it passes… My code keeps failing since I updated the agent with this update.

Please advise.

Thank you


Hiding what is typed in the secure password field is an iOS limitation, the value will still be there and the test will continue normally, however it will just be unseen.

Regarding your second point, any indication as to why it fails? Any error message or additional details will be much appreciated.

The type action is not completed. Only partial portion of the user password is being typed. I had a web session with TestProject rep and presented this behavior.
Mind you the script worked just fine until I updated the agent to the latest before experiencing this.