Two identical strings reported as different

I am using String Util add-on for comparing two strings in my project.
One string is predefined and saved as parameter and the other is extracted from PDF file in runtime.
For some reason TestProject always returns an error when running tests and says that strings are not identical and the comparison result is -19
I tried putting both strings (which are acquired from the Report) in Text diff comparator and it turns out that both strings are in fact identical. testproject

You can see all the test results in the above screengrab.

Hi @tmikla
This was solved in chat there where hidden characters that make difference between the two text, the pdf text was the same but some hidden characters where added to extracted text that cause this issue found that was a difference between pdf files.

Hello @Tal.Efraim
I also have the same problem. Could you share the solution for this problem?
Thank in advance