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Trying to update project level parameter but not working as expected

Trying to update project-level parameter but not working as expected.

Using addon: Parameters Operations

I want to update a project level parameter I am using the “ Set value to a parameter” action as one of my test steps.

As below

Here using updatedNewOfferName​ as test level parameter and newOfferName is project level parameter. My try is to assign newOfferName =updateNewOfferName

Test step actions as below:

While execution it says pass. But newOfferName is not updated at the project level.

step11: Write to file: write data as "Test level value " ​updatedNewOfferName​

Step12: Write to file: write data as “Project-level value " ​newOfferName​

The output as below after execution:

"Test level value " New_RTO_PL_Offer12_401308"Project level value " New_RTO_PL_Offer12_401308

But it is not updating at the project level which I need to use for other tests too in a test suite.(like New_RTO_PL_Offer12_401308 value through the test suite).

Hello @Dharani.bollineni
I tested it and it seems to work fine, can you please elaborate on how do you use the project parameters after you update them?
In my testing, it seems the project parameters are updated correctly after running the test that assigns values to them on a project level as well.

Hi Ran,

Once project parameter is update in the step it is not reflecting in the Project parameters.

Example : In a test suite which contains multiple test cases, for instance in one of the test case I am updating the project level parameter as in the step1 below. I need to reuse updated value in different test cases in the test suite.

Precondition : Created a project level parameter as below

Step1 : using set value to a parameter and trying to modify the newOfferName as below
After execution of testcase(has step1). If I check again parameter value it is not changed☹

There is any other way to update parameters please suggest…

Thanks & Regards,


The value you see there is the default value.
The actual value of the project parameter has changed.
You can check, write down the value of the parameter after the changes in some text file for example.
You should see the updated value of the parameter.

If I test with a complete test suite it works
Thanks, Ran.