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Trouble with element click when using browserStack>IOS

So I have a test that I run through BrowserStack>Mobile>Pixel 5, which runs 100% green with no errors.
(side note) I build this as a “web test” but runs through BrowserStack using a mobile device.

The problem I am having is that when I try to run the same exact test using BrowserStack then say Iphone 11, the test fails at the same step every time. Appears that it does not click the element.

Here is the test step (working version in Andriod Pixel 5)

Here is what I am trying to click (the stars)

I have been at this for a few days now and completely stuck.

Please let me know if there is more information needed.


Hello @marcel.bauer
Please answer the following questions

  1. Can you tell me what error message you see in the report when it failed?
    You also need to see a screenshot in the step of failure, please check if the site behaves differently or looks different when you run it on Android and then on iOS.
  2. In both cases you are running on Chrome browser?
  3. Did you try to replace the click with Click using JavaScript?

Thanks, Kfir.

Here is the screenshot of where the test finally fails

However, this is only failing because it never actually makes it to the next screen/page. because it never clicks the stars. I can try changing this one to click with java and see what happens.

To answer question 2. No both are not running on Chrome browser. When running on Android+Chrome test works fine. If I switch to iPhone 11 or 12 and Safari IOS, this is when the error of NON-clicking the stars. I can see that it never clicks them in the Browserstack recording.

I hope this information helps. I will now try switching to using javascript and report back on how that works.


Hey @marcel.bauer
Another thing you need to consider is the test settings.
Try this please, change the settings of that test Like the image below:

Make sure the Automation assistance is active:

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

So far adding/changing those settings has not helped. Here is an example link to a sample of the stars I am trying to select maybe this will help.

Again I have this working on WEB, and also Andriod -Chrome through browserstack “virtual agent”

but once I try the same test with BS>Iphone 12>Safari. it will not select these stars.


Hey @marcel.bauer
I checked it out via the link you sent, I was able to click on the element on both a physical iOS device and an iOS emulator using Sauce Labs.
My conclusion is the issue related to Browserstack iOS.
I will check with them what can be done to make it work and let you know.

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Interesting, I really appreciate the help. I will stand by for your update :smiley:


Hey @marcel.bauer
The link you sent me is no longer valid.

I will try and generate a new one when I am back home tomorrow.



@kfir.yosef here is a new link

I got it to work, looks like it was just manipulating the element and using

Found by XPATH://*[contains(@class, ‘empty-stars’)]/span[contains(@class, ‘star’)][position()=5]


I’m glad to hear you made it! :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I do appreciate you trying to help.