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Trouble with drop down menus and choice bubbles

The company I’ve been working with has been trying to use TestProject to test a site that we’re developing. So far, it’s been going well, but we’ve hit a snag- the Record feature of TestProject seems to work okay with text boxes, but not with drop down menus, choice bubbles, or check boxes. With the drop down menu(s), it seems to condense clicking on the drop down menu and then clicking on a choice into a single step: clicking the “LI2” element.

Interestingly, there’s a version of drop down menu that DOES work with TestProject: The kind that let you type stuff into them to narrow down the list of available choices.

How do we make TestProject work with drop down menus and such? What/which tweaks do we have to make to our recordings before they’ll work properly, and how do we make said tweaks?

Hi @aHatanpaa
There is an addon which let’s you work with dropdown lists like choosing an item with a specific text, or a random item for example.
This is the addon:

To use it make sure you are selecting the element with the UnorderedList or OrderedList while creating the element so you can use all those actions.

Also for general note, checkboxes, dropdowns and so on most of the time have dynamically generated XPATHs so you can read this article to have a better grasp on how to handle those:

Update: I was able to get drop down menus to work by using double-shift to add a click step for clicking on the drop down menu and then clicking on my choice for the drop down menu, but I’m still having problems with choice bubbles and check boxes. I can select them by clicking on text next to them, but not by clicking on the actual check boxes themselves… which raises an issue when I need to click on unlabeled check boxes. I tried looking at the link you posted, but I’m still incredibly confused.

Update Update: It turns out that Inspect Element has a “copy X-Path” feature, and I was able to use that to grab the x-path of the check box that I needed and make a step using that. It works now, so this issue is pretty much resolved! Thanks for your help (the link did in fact help me realize that I needed an X-Path)!

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