TP Job Scheduled not working?

Hello @ran.ferdinaro @david.goichman TP Job Scheduled not working on my end. Can you please check? Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @qaqcqeTester,
I opened a bug ticket for your issue.
Ticket number TP-17297.
You will be notified once it’s resolved.

Please add me to notifications for this ticket as I am experiencing the same issue this AM.

Hi ran.ferdinaro

Could you please add me to the ticket as well as i am experiencing the same issue

yeah same issue happening for me too. I’ll keep an eye on this chat to see when it’s resolved. Thanks :slight_smile:

@z-PSQA @ngum @sheptinstall
I added you to the ticket.

if i could be added also. Thanks

Add me to the ticket and also that the scheduler is deactivating scheduled jobs as well

Hi everyone. The issue has been resolved.

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@jmulcahy @qaqcqeTester @Randall @sheptinstall @z-PSQA
Please check that everything is working correctly.
If this issue persists, please let me know.

Thats great news.

Do we know what cleared the issue?

I am still experiencing the issue.

Issue is still existing on my end. Cannot update and delete the job.

@john-rodrigo.sioson @z-PSQA
Is it happening when you are trying to schedule a job?
If so, please send your HAR file to .
In order to retrieve the HAR file, please perform the following points:

  • Open developer tools using F12 on the keyboard.

  • Navigate to the Network tab

  • Clear table content

  • Perform your desired action (Make sure the error you encountered happened)

  • Right-click on one of the table rows

  • Click ‘Save all as HAR with content’ and send the saved file over the chat

For example:

After the fix for jobs being unscheduled/unschedulable, our jobs have started running twice instead of just once. Is anyone else having this issue?

yes, I’m having that issue. And I can’t delete Jobs either. Various different topic posts have mentioned this issue on this forum but without any reply. Can you please provide an update on this issue @ran.ferdinaro?

Hi @ran.ferdinaro ,

I am experiencing the same problem since a week. I can’t modify or delete old jobs.
What I can do?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


My scheduled jobs are not working and getting not able to connect to agent. As my jobs sheduled on midnight my system will be offline and these jobs I selected as browser stack and still same issue and it suppose to run on virtual agent.

This issue is still persist if we use browser stack scheduler jobs in the midnight. what is the fix for this?

I’m having this issue and I can’t run Jobs either. The scheduled time is deleted itself from the job.