TP is now working with Edge Browser - Selenium Driver missing

Since this week 9/5/2022, the Test project is unable to execute test within Edge Browser. Last week, this was working and even update the …/app/driver folder with the current Edge Browser with still no success.

Is anyone experiencing this issue with Edge? It was Chrome in the past a few weeks and that was fixed and really is appreciative for this fix.

Please see the attached.

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Hi @anthony.reid
Am facing the same issue. Last week Chrome browser was not opening. TP fixed this issue.
But this week am facing issue with Edge browser. Edge browser doesn’t launch.
IS it anything related to browser version?

I am not sure but I am using Edge Version 105.0.1343.27 (Official build) (64-bit). Are you using the same browser version?

i had the same issue a few days ago on the same version as you @anthony.reid . Not sure if it’s been fixed since, but I’ll give it a try in a moment and update.

I can’t run tests on Edge for the same reason. It’s the latest stable release and yet it is not working.
Hopefully when the next maintenance run happens and something breaks, it’ll somehow fix this problem.

Hi @anthony.reid
Yes am using the latest version of Edge like you. But my bowser is not getting launched.

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I’m having the same issue. I’ve made sure the most recent drivers are in place.

I can only add +1 to the problem