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Tooltip Verification

Can we verify tooltips i.e. the text that appear when we hover the mouse on a value/icon?

Hey @hafsa
In this case, you will need to use 2 actions.
The first one is the Move mouse to element

The second one is get text from the tooltips element using his Xpath

And when i run it:
You can add validation on the get text action:

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When I compare the tooltip text with get text output, step fails. I think get text is not reading from the tooltip.

When you using “Contains any text?” you will get true or false, it’s not good for validating if the exact text there or not.
If my guide does not help you, please ping me via TestProject chet.


If you are referring to the title attribute (e.g. HTML Global title Attribute) then you can get its value using the Get Attribute Value action.

Not working, please schedule a zoom meeting. mouse hover fails.

What does the error says?

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These are the errors:-

For the community, after a zoom call, it is a ShadowRoot element so in this case, we use Execute JavaScript action (shadowRoot.querySelector) and that worked great.
Code example:

var element = document.querySelector(’#category_5 > lightning-helptext’).shadowRoot.querySelector(‘div > button’);
var event = new MouseEvent(‘focus’, { view: window, bubbles: true, cancelable: true });