The Swipe to Element (Up/Down) step does not find the element

Hello TestProject community!
Help a newbie solve a problem.
The Swipe to Element (Up/Down) step does not find the element. The editor finds the same element without problems along the path //android.widget.TextView[@text = ‘{title}’]
Can the problem arise because of the quotes in the value of the {title} parameter? CO "INTERNATIONAL CHARITABLE FOUNDATION “COME BACK ALIVE”

Hi @zeleznov.sergey.

Please try changing the “AmountOfSwipes” field to 10 or more and let me know if you still face the same issue.

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I set the value to 10 then 15, then I cleared the field and left the default value and nothing has changed. In this case, the swipe should not be executed because the element is visible immediately. But I need this step for the next iterations for elements that appear after the screen is scrolled.

Hi @zeleznov.sergey .

Please contact us on and we will try to find what is causing this issue.

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