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The problem is using OTP addon

Hello @amit.yahav

I hope you are well

My question is if we use “get OTP from SMS via index” addon in android device then what should be the start index and the Last index?
My OTP message:
“Your activation code is 9851. Please enter to begin your Oscar Udhaar journey.”


If I set this up, the test runs and reloads the app, the application does not proceed.

Hello @hassan.ahmed,
You can leave these indexes empty in order to get the full OTP message and then see in the output what did you get to calculate what are the indexes you need.

@itamar.klein Thank you very much for your reply
If I skip the index, my line goes wrong.

I’m sorry for the confusion, Let’s clarify about the OTP actions.
You need to get the SMS while the step is running, and yes you indeed need to put the indexes of the text you want, and if you don’t know the indexes you can use other OTP actions like Get OTP by keyword.

Now the OTP line runs successfully but the other line doesn’t run and the application restarts.


Hello again, we have a fix for this, I can send you a jar file to upload from your account as addon, but first I need you to go to the addons tab, create an addon, and generate a manifest with fileSystem permissions, send it here and I will send you the jar file to upload so you that you can use for your testing


I couldn’t send you the file here, so I sent you the link to Google Drive. It contains json file.

Hello @hassan.ahmed.

I can’t access the drive link.
Please contact us in chat to continue the discussion from there: