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The get color action cannot take a screenshot

Please help me solve the problem.
Previously, the test worked without errors, now the step action is to “get color” is fail, the message says “Failed to take element screenshot”
Can anyone help solve the problem? What happened?
the same action on android is performed ok
thanks for the answer

screenshots of errors are also not executed
message: Unable to take a screenshot - remote interface does not have this capability


Are you using iOS 14.5 or 14.6?

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updated to 14.6
updated to 14.6

So the problem started after you got version 14.5?

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10.06.21 test completed successfully iOS version 14.4.2
updated to 14.6 11.06.21 and there was a problem

Thanks, this confirms my assumption.
We are working on this, but 14.5 and 14.6 have this problem with creating screenshots.
It should be fixed early next week with a new Agent version.

Now the version 2.3.6 agent is released there are no these fixes?

It should be part of 2.4.0, I will make sure to update you.

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hello, the agent has already been updated to 3.0.0 but the problem remains

Hi @zeleznov.sergey

The fix is actually not in the Agent but the iOS driver that is still on version 0.66
We will release the new driver 3.0.0 in the next few days and your Agent will pull it automatically.

You will be notified when it will be fixed.

It hasn’t been published yet but will do it next week.